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So where to start?
I started playing LARP 2 ... or 2 and an half year ago. When I started I was just playing Vampire: The Requiem. And I never thought I'd be crazy enough try something else.
It was hard when I played for the first time. Trying to get 'into character'.
What does that mean?

It means you're not just imagining your character. You ARE your character. You need to think, to feel, to act like the character.
And in the end you need to be able to seperate your character from who you are. You need to be able to reflect on what you did or did not.
It's important to understand what was good or bad. To be 'in character' is very important for the game.
When I started it was hard, really hard, but time taught me something: Nobody knows your character, if you do something stupid, something you didn't think your character would do, nobody knows. And that makes it alright to do such things... it happens all the time.
At the beginng a character is a concept, something you liked to try out. That's how every character starts, no matter if it's in RPG, LARP, movies, books... it's always a concept.
You know the past and you need to get throught the present. The difference in RPG is, you don't know where to go.
You try out and the game master helps you sometimes, but the character learns and lives. Even more when your on a larp session.
Maybe that's because this character is played by you and he has to react instantly on the actions of the other players.
A character you start is going different ways... maybe the opposite you wanted to go.

So back to vampire, it's an horror game, it's a about beautiful horror. The horror you feel when it's cold and you have no where to go.
The character learns this with the time, he gets cold too. He is planning and playing ... he is dancing a macabre dance.
It's about the dark side and no matter how hard you try, you can't win. Surely the players sometimes wins, but he has to pay a price.
This price often is his humanity, the only thing that binds him to the moral laws of human beings, and he is going to pay when he is not acting like a human anymore.
... Because that way he will one day break vampire laws aswell. And when that happens your enemy is standing behind you with a knife, ready to get you out of the way.
The first rule I learnd by our game master was: "Your character can die on every sessions. You never know when it'll happen."

Hmm why am I telling you this? It is the athmosphere where I learnd that kind of game.
You can't trust, you shouldn't and you surely will die one night. The longest time I played in row where two nights.
We usually play once a month, right now I'm playing three times a month (that's quite often...).

But this year I'm trying something new. Something completly different.
It's still LARP, but another genre: Fantasy.
What does that mean? Magical creatures, beasts, rituals, magical spells, fighters with swords and medieval looks.
Sounds pretty cool, huh?

I'm just so unsure getting on a big convention for 4 days, not knowing the most of them in reallife. 
Not knowing the system or rules.
So how do I use 'magic'? In vampire you don't have much magical elements.
If you use something you need to make this clear for the other person, with special commands or something... I don't know?
And how to cast... do you need to say something or do something or what so ever?
Hmm so probaly I should play a... fighter? I at least have a lot of larp weapons at home, because I love to collect them.
Hmm but me ... as fighter? That's something I really don't like and that wouldn't fit.
So what's left hum...

I was thinking a lot ... then I was on a game called 'Taverne'. You just sit or stand, drink and talk to characters from different fantasy-medieval conventions/events.
A friend asked me to come with her. I didn't have anything... no character, no dress, nothing.
So I had like one day to decide for something. She said she'd bring a dress for me so I was just thinking about the character.
And then I remember my first PnP character. I took her, the character and changed a few things... she was an halfling, now she's just an human girl or the fact that she was a bard.
I made her the simple and naiv daughter of a baker.
I played her stupid (that wasn't easy), but after the first time I played her I knew: I want to play such a character.

A character who just don't know what she can and how the world around her works.
A good friend of mine, who is playing his chaotic mage for a long time, asked me to play his adept.
So the first part was easy: She'll be an stom/wind/blood mage, one day...

I needed to make a background-story that would fit. Easy-going. I was always good in such things.

So I created: Faerin, human woman, she grew up with elves so she doesn't know much about human moral codex, laws, standarts or traditions.
A few things she knows about humans:
- they have a shorter life than elves
- they are going to celeberate there birthday (because they can count them)
- they look similiar to her
- girls should not make themself naked in front of men ... (she never understood why)
... I think that's it.
So her master was the first human she ever met in her whole life.

She only knows a little about elves...:
- elves need quite long to age, the learn more slowly than humans
- no one liked her, because her magic made them fear ... she couldn't control it when she was little
- elves live in little groups and don't go to other elves often (that's how her 'clan' was)
- and don't have a lot children

That makes it easier, doesn't it?
So what's left to work on until the Convention?

... equipment.
What do I need... a dress... hmm... a hat, my friend said he wouldn't take me with him if I don't have one...
That is really an important part for LARP:
You need whatever your character has. So if he doesn't have it when you started, you need to get it ingame.
So if you plan to have details on your character when you start, you should have them ready.

I decided that, because Faerin was quite lonely as child, she has a few toys with her.
Two medieval games in leather bags, a doll (Feli, which is the epiphany of fortune and hope for her...).
She also has a hat, some apples in her bag... which means she needs a bag.
Her dresses are blue and red. Blue because she liked water and water is 'blue', red because she just liked it.
Later it will have some more meaning, she is going to learn blood magic, which is red as blood.
Shoes... something that fits, but still needs to be okay with rain etc... you never know how the weather will be, even though the convention will be in june.
Red ribbons for the hair, I decided that when Faerin geht's nervous she starts to braid.
Something for the water, and an friend told me I should take sweet water with me, because without the sweet taste it'll taste horrible if it gets warm.

I got a beautiful doll two days ago... but I needed to make her look "old" that was kind of an adventure.
But I'm statisfied, I love the doll. It took me a whole day and probably she won't use the doll on the convention.
Still it's an detail she has.

you see it's a far way to go.
And this journey just started.
I can't wait to have my equipment, can't wait to try this.


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